Earlier today we reported that Amazon had acquired AbeBooks, an online retailer of rare and used books from independent publishers.

AbeBooks held a major (although not majority) stake in a site called LibraryThing, where the literati can list their favorite books and discuss them. Coincidentally, Amazon has put a reported $1 million into Shelfari, one of LibraryThing’s direct competitors (which also include GoodReads, BookJetty and many others). So it might not be surprising to see Amazon try to join the forces of these two modestly sized startups.

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kbgolf1000: Please explain the connection to free software

I've had a quick look at the article and the names mentioned in the article and I see no apparent connection to free software. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and leave it here for now... but before anyone votes on it I suggest you comment with an explanation of how this is free software related.

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Thats terrible news! I've

Thats terrible news! I've used Abebooks a few times and they're great. I hate Amazon. I'll have to find another source for books.

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