Wow, I wasn't expecting this one: Sun is buying MySQL: "the biggest news of the day is... we're putting a billion dollars behind the M in LAMP. If you're an industry insider, you'll know what that means - we're acquiring MySQL AB, the company behind MySQL, the world's most popular open source database."

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Created by docsmartz 16 years 13 weeks ago
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I just want them to release the Solaris kernel under GPLv3

If they followed through on that, I'd be quite pleased with Sun and I'd probably want to get a job there.

If that were done, I'd also switch from GNU/Linux to GNU/Solaris because I don't like Linus Torvalds priorities.

I didn't like all the FUD Linus Torvalds and Eric Raymond spread about GPLv3.

Apparently Linus Torvalds cares more about Tivo than he cares about the user's freedoms.

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16 years 12 weeks 1 hour 14 min ago


Torvalds cares for code, not freedom

His thinking is that we (the user) should have access to the code and that's it. It doesn't bother him that unblessed code will fail to run on DRMed devices. He says that it is alright for companies to prevent users from their right to freedom 1 as the user should be able to use the code on a different device.

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