Unfortunately CATS is another “free software” that is no longer.

There are too many companies developing Free Software just as a marketing strategy until the project is well know and, afterwards, turn it a cripled version and/or hosted only version.
It is sad that this persons do not understand what is Free and Open Source Software.

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I Think CATS was never Free

According to the licence of the "last non-crippled version", http://reason.blogsome.com/go.php?http://www.esnips.com/web/FreeSoftware... in Exhibit B part 1, this term violates freedom 0 of free software.

I don't know if the older versions of this prorgram are similarly licensed to the last version. I will assume that they are because I'm not going to bother to track down older versions of the program and I have no reason to believe that this program was ever free.

If the authors of a free program decide to make subsequent revisions of the same program to be non-free, it doesn't matter too much. All it means is that we can no longer recommend these people and that we should reject their proprietary work. The community will always have the free versions to work with - that is assuming that the authors don't get any delusions that they can take back the freedom that they have provided in their published free programs.

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