The Adblocker plug-in, writes Noam Cohen in today's New York Times, has the potential to be an "extreme menace to the online-advertising business model.

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Who care? It is going to affect

Who care?

It is going to affect my revenue if they become popular, but I don't see the need to whine and complain about the people destroying a business model. These people below who are whining about adsblock killing the golden goose.

As far as I am concerned, I need to find a new business model and fast.

The customers are alway right!

If you want to survive, adapt to the cold harsh reality of the Free market.

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Interesting article. (I read the

Interesting article. (I read the linked story which had lots of good comments and then just skimmed the NYT article.)

While I'm getting a few (a very few) dollars from running ads on my site, and would love to make money from advertising, I think it's wrong to say it's "stealing" to block ads, the same as I don't have any problems with using TiVo to avoid watching TV ads.

People are blocking ads on web sites and skipping them on TV largely because they're so obnoxious, and this is the fault of the advertisers. (Although with TV there is also the interruption of the show, which to me is intolerable no matter how good the advert is.)

I also think that unless AdBlock is enabled by default in a browser, there's not going to be all that many people who use it. People stick with defaults for the most part. The ones who seek out and install the plugin will be the ones who aren't going to respond to the ads anyway.

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