Is Linux pushing the envelope a bit too far, too fast? That's the question posed by Charlie Babcock's interesting article on the pace and scope of Linux development. Dan Frye argues that Linux represents a "first-of-a-kind developer community." Most people don't recognize this, thinking that all open-source projects are similar to Linux... Not at all.

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What a load of sheer, unmitigated

What a load of sheer, unmitigated ****. Now we're developing "too fast" for their poor little heads to keep up with it all.

What's with this bloke? Is he trying to challenge Alexander Wolfe for the crown of, Criticising GNU/Linux With The Silliest Argument Ever Devised?

However, if the development pace of GNU/Linux is just too much for the likes of Asay, Babcock, Frye, and poor little Wolfie, then they shouldn't grab hold of their Prosac bottles again, just yet, because help is at hand.

Ballmer rides to the rescue.

If this technologically challenged crew simply march into the nearest Microsoft shop, then Super-Steve can ease all their insecurities and sufferings with a drug that's far more effective than Prosac; Microsoft Vista.

Just by plonking about 1,000 bucks down on the counter Super-Steve will supply them with an antidote for the hectic development pace of GNU/Linux, by selling them an expensive, bug-ridden product, that he will guarantee not to update with any new-fangled versions for at least half a decade.

Of course, there will be the inevitable "Service" packs, 1 - 9 that are part and parcel of any of any Microsoft installation, along with the excitement of "Update Tuesday" when all the latest Critical Flaws are given temporary patches for the up-coming week, but heck, that's what you pay all that money out to get hold of.

Along with all these "Blue Screen of Death" benefits, they will enjoy the added confidence of knowing they'll never be alone again, because Big Brother Steve will be looking over their shoulders every second they have their computers switched on.

Steve will take good care that they don't, inadvertently. attempt to add any hardware, or download any programs he doesn't like, by nuking their operating systems before they can do anything stupid.

You just don't get that sort of "service" by using Free Software.

Try not to panic, kiddies. We promise not to force you to use GNU/Linux.

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