While we are still waiting for Btrfs, the B-tree File System, to be mature enough and be used as the default file system in Linux, it is already possible to install your favorite (Linux) distribution on a Btrfs file system. Linux Mint 12 KDE, a distribution based on Ubuntu Desktop, is one of those.

In this article, the steps required to install it (Linux Mint 12 KDE) on a Btrfs file system, are presented in an easy to follow manner.

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With the high performance and maturity of the current EXT4 file system, it's very nice to have this next-generation system impatiently waiting in the wings, ready to replace it.

Meanwhile, in the murky depths of the M$ swamp, the dinosaurs are slowly stirring, with the dim recognition that this is no longer the twentieth century and their prehistoric NTFS is not quite the new kid on the block, anymore.


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