While I will never encourage anybody to use Windows, any version of Windows, I do accept the fact that a significant percentage of users still have to use it. I also accept the fact that some users would like to dual-boot between Linux and Windows. Linux and BSD installation programs make dual-booting with other operating systems very easy, such that if you are satisfied with partitions created by your distribution, a tutorial like this one is not necessary. However, if you need to create a custom partitioning scheme, different from the system default, this tutorial will be useful, especially if you are new to disk partitioning in Linux.

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Why do people vote down this posts

The argument is simple people do not wake up one day and learn to use free software. A migration period is needed so ... knowing how to do some simple things in order to get your self comfortable with Linux is needed. One step at a time.

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Happened with me

Yeah, I remember when they put the first GNU/Linux on my laptop, they made it a dual boot with Mandrake/M$ 2000 in case I might want to go back, although I never did.

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