So Fedora 17 beta was supposed to have been released on April 3. Today is April 5 and we are still waiting. But that is the way it is with the Fedora project. Release dates are not set in concrete. They will release something when it is ready, not to meet a predetermined release schedule.

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Try Xfce spin

I finally got fed up with LMDE's broken package management and, being guided by the the enthusiastic reports from linuxbsdos.com, I installed Fedora 16.

I certainly wanted nothing to do with the horrible, horrible GNOME 3*, so I picked the Xfce spin.

I couldn't be happier. Fedora is the most competent GNU/Linux OS that I've encountered for some time. I can't wait to try Fedora 17 when it gets here.

* Advice to GNOME: pull the plug on this abortion, NOW and try to pretend it never happened. Tell everyone that someone must have slipped a bad bunch of acid into your water-cooler, or something. Just don't call the new effort 3, or 4. Those are permanently accursed numbers in the desktop lexicon from this day forward.

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