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Now Linux Can Get Viruses Via Wine

I forget who, but some wiseguy stuck a link to site (not linkified so Google doesn't mark me as evil) on his Facebook wall, which reminded me of one reason I love Firefox (and Linux): security.

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Not Even Linux Is Safe From Windows Virii

Man, is this week a-killin' me. Enjoy the photos and funnies.

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Virus : A paralysed object on GNU/Linux

Recently I faced two incidents when I had to format my flash drive as it would simply refuse to open at all just because it was infected with some nasty viruses from my office computers.

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Debunking the Linux virus myth

Linux and UNIX-like operating systems in general are regarded as being more secure for the common user, in contrast with operating systems that have "Windows" as part of their name. Why is that?

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Malware on GNU/Linux

GNU/Linux users should not have any false sense of security just based on the fact that viruses designed for exclusively for windows won't run on GNU/Linux. Here is a list of "Linux computer viruses"

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