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HP ProCurve One : Linux Based but Does it Matter?

HP expands its app blade switch effort with new partners and programs. And does the fact ONE is Linux-based matter?

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Autonomous robot runs Linux on Intel Atom

Vstone has announced a two-legged humanoid robot that sports an onboard, Intel Atom-based PC. The "Robovie-PC" can walk on joints that offer six degrees of freedom, offers an accelerometer and gyro sensors, includes a 1.3 megapixel webcam, and has a body padded with polyurethane foam, says the company.

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New supercomputer is a rack of PlayStations... running GNU/Linux

[T]he PS3 was built with an open hardware architecture, which can run the Linux operating system.

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MIT researchers fight gridlock with Linux

At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), researchers are testing a Linux-based automotive telematics system intended to reduce traffic congestion. CarTel is a distributed, GPS-enabled mobile sensor network that uses WiFi "opportunistically" to exploit brief windows of coverage to update a central traffic analysis program.

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Brazil: "The Electronic Voting Machine Will Be Linux-Powered"

According to major newspapers, starting with the municipal elections of 2008, Brazil’s e-voting machines will use the Linux operating system, to be developed by the technical team of the federal elections tribunal the TSE. According to the TSE’s IT division, the advantages of using Linux in the electronic voting machine are standardization, since it is possible to use this OS in all models of the device, as well as transparency, since this is an open mcchanism in which all the source code is available to the public and can be freely audited. Another advantage is zero cost, because no license fees must be paid.

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