I just saw a submission in our upcoming queue from the linsux.org site which links to a forum in which one of the linsux.org members - among other things - encourages other members and readers of linsux.org to join the FSDaily community in order to vote down all stories from Boycott Novell. While, it was evident from this that at least some of the linsux.org members oppose Boycott Novell, and clear from looking around the site that they oppose "Linux", I became curious to know exactly what the aims of the site and it's community as a whole are and exactly what it was they're opposed to.

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One of the admins of that site (or the one admin) told me that someone from linsux.org claims to be behind the DDoS attacks on us (lasted for almost 2 weeks).

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Mr. Psychopath

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Oh Roy, do you really have to take everything seriously? =P
At least you've made my morning by giving me a reason to laugh.

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Mr. Psychopath

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I'm really amazed...

By the fact that you guys don't read all of the stickied posts that state what we stand for, what we're doing, what our server runs on, etc.

Why are FOSS journalists not diving in and getting the facts right?

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As stated: I did look for facts

As I said in my post I did look for facts. But you don't provide an about page and the search function wasn't working so, rather than make up facts or make too many assumptions, I decided to ask for the facts straight from the horse's mouth. It gave you an opportunity to let everyone here know what you were all about too.

BTW I'm not a journalist, FOSS or otherwise. I'm just a community member who happens to be the admin for this site. And one who is glad to see that it's all satire.

Thanks for the answers.

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You're easily amazed

Think it through; this is a site dedicated to issues involving Free Software, so not too many here will be really interested in the inside workings of a site called "linsux.org".

You fall back on the dubious excuse of "satire" when pressed about your motives, but previous postings, like the "Talk like Richard Stallman contest", and "Boycott Novell: Defenders of Freedom, or Offenders of Freedom?" from the curiously named, f***ertwashington.blogspot.com, tend to make your true motivation rather unclear.

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Anti Boycott-Novell != Anti-linux

Just because they're anti-boycottnovell doesn't mean they're anti-linux. i'm a single-boot Linux user since well over 10 years, i've been watching BN for over a year, and i still have not read one article on BN which i considered to be good journalism. The site is full of hype, lots of speculation, and quoting blog commentators and 100% factual sources. The whole site is full of nonspecific writing like, "the clear interpretation of this is..." and "[some very vague statement] was clearly meant as an attack on..."