WikiLeaks Uncensored


Thanks in no small part to the efforts of The EFF and others, the honorable District Judge Jeffrey S. White has withdrew an earlier order blocking the wikileaks.org domain resolution.

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Index On Censorship's new issue on "cyberspeech"


"The latest volume of the magazine Index on Censorship focuses on issues related to free speech online. I'm among the contributors. Here's a snip from the issue overview: «The Internet was supposed to spell the end of censorship – instead governments now have unprecedented possibilities for controlling what we do and what we read. But this is a revolution in free expression that can’t be stopped. Index examines the explosion in communication, the rise in new forms of censorship (and the ways to get round them) and the impact on social attitudes.» ..."

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Stallman: Your Freedom needs Free/Libre Software


Many of us know that governments can threaten the human rights of software users through censorship and surveillance of the Internet. Many do not realize that the software they run on their home or work computers can be an even worse threat. Thinking of software as "just a tool", they suppose that it obeys them, when in fact it often obeys others instead.

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Dissidents Leap Myanmar's Firewall With Open Source


Cutting-edge technology -- much of it operated by amateurs -- has played a remarkably powerful role in documenting the bloodshed in Myanmar and helping to spark a global outcry. Video clips of the country's biggest political protests in nearly two decades, surreptitiously filmed and filed via the Internet, have made their way onto sites like YouTube.

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