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What is Monitoringforge []?

This was a site which was setup by GWOS, to provide a one stop shop for anything and everything related to monitoring software. i.e Tools, Plugins, Projects containing different applications which can be incorporated into the Monitoring systems. According to the community "MonitoringForge is the IT monitoring toolkit epicenter for all open source projects and plugins that anyone can use and contribute to at any time. It's the monitoring knowledge neighborhood".The community has been slowly and steadily gaining new members and users who are contributing back to the community by way of interacting in forums, wiki. More details on the concept of this community is provided in

How is the community run?
The monitoring community runs in the concept of transparent governance. The details has been provided in

What is the benefit to the community/Sys-Administer?
Excluding the vast amount of projects and plugins which is present in the site. The community has been also running three important projects which can be beneficial to the community

1. Job Posting Board. The idea behind this project is to connect job opportunities with participants. Community members who are actively participating in the community, would benefit by been noticed companies, who would require the similar special skill set been exhibited by your community involvement.
2. Advertise in Monitoring forge. Folks who have projects/plugins which would help the community as a whole can advertise in the site. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Tara Spalding at
3. Write the Flippin' Monitoring Manual - This project allows all user and developers to learn about the various Open source monitoring system and management platforms which are available currently. They have also included HOWTO on general usage, options/way to extend your monitoring system with a plugin. They also talk about the various platforms API's and developers kits which can be used by Sys-Admin Folks.

So, what are you waiting go register in the site and participate in the community.

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