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Submitted by dave on Wed, 09/09/2009 - 06:36

Just thought we'd take an opportunity to ask you all to help improve your community and ours by posting comments as much as you can on as many stories and as often as you can.

Far too often stories come and go without anyone providing their opinions of them apart from giving them votes. It would of great benefit to the community if we all participate more often in this way.

The reasons for commenting go far beyond you simply having your say by expressing your opinion. When you comment you provide useful information and insights. You add value to the information already provided in the submitted posts. You open up and stimulate discussion on the topics covered by the posts. And you encourage others to participate too.

Comments and communication are an essential part of creating a healthy community.

Big, in-depth comments are great, but even simple messages saying how and why you enjoyed or didn't enjoy a post, or how and why the post was or wasn't useful to you add so much value to what is already provided (the post's title, summary and source).

Voting really helps add value too but comments go much further.

If you have the desire to be a part of this community, help it grow and make it more worthwhile and valuable to others, please comment as much as possible, whenever and wherever you can.

Thank you so much for your participation so far and for your continued and increased participation to come.

All the best.

The FSDaily team

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