"Like an echo from the futuristic sci-fi film Blade Runner (1982, Ridley Scott) morphed with The Matrix (1999, Andy & Larry Wachowski), the not-too-distant hereafter promises to be a stratified cybersociety; those with the preferential attributes will gain access to the many coveted self-contained metropolises, available only to those with digital savvy and informational instinct. Long gone will be the days of slaving at the job to pay for the credit card that is paying off the Lexus and the mortgage on the 6-bedroom Tudor-style custom house in Palos Verdes. If you are not on the go, you are left behind. This seems a far cry from the comfort-seeking, family-oriented world of today, yet in their thought provoking book Netocracy, Alexander Bard and Jan Soderqvist propose, quite convincingly, the impact of the Digital Age and three main factors leading up to one very possible future. Beginning with the triple paradigm shift from feudalism to capitalism to informationalism, paired with what are termed memes' (sociology's equivalent to biology's genes), and combined with the separation of society into the favored Netocrats and the ignoble Consumtariats, those who choose to live in the archaic world of capitalism and all that is associated with it will find themselves on the outside looking in..." -- For french readers: A propos de Netocratie (Tristan Nitot) => http://standblog.org/blog/post/2008/02/03/A-propos-de-Netocratie -- Les Netocrates: http://www.leoscheer.com/spip.php?article771

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