Packt is pleased to announce a new book on OpenLDAP for Application Developers and System Administrators running OpenLDAP. Written by Matt Butcher, this book prepares the reader to build a directory using OpenLDAP and then employ this directory in the context of the network, taking a practical approach that emphasizes how to get things done.

The OpenLDAP directory server has been around (in one form or another) since 1995. It is an open-source server that provides network clients with directory services. All major Linux distributions include the OpenLDAP server, and many major applications, both open-source and proprietary can make use of the services provided by OpenLDAP.

This book is organized into three major sections: the first section covers the basics of LDAP directory services and the OpenLDAP server; the second focuses on building directory services with OpenLDAP; in the third section of the book, we look at how OpenLDAP is integrated with other applications and services on the network.

This book has been written from the application developer's perspective, tackling the topics that will be most important to helping the application developer understand OpenLDAP, and get it set up as securely and quickly as possible. It shows how OpenLDAP interoperates with other UNIX/Linux services.

The book is out and is available with Packt. For more information about this book, please visit http://www.packtpub.com/OpenLDAP-Developers-Server-Open-Source-Linux/book

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