"I ordered PAIP today. Good computer books are so expensive. It hurts me to spend $80 on a book. But there are many worse ways to spend $80 than on something which contains so much knowledge, I guess. I got a $25 gift card for a book store for Christmas, so may as well put it to good use. I've read good reviews of PAIP, so I hope it lives up to them. I had only one AI course in college, and it was taught in C (ugh) by a grad student, and I learned little to nothing from it. It'll be nice to revisit the subject. (And learn more Common Lisp, of course.) [...] Every request to Hunchentoot is apparently handled in a Lisp thread, so concurrency issues are generally all taken care of for you, no worries. In fact since you have Lisp running forever you can get away with crazy things like using Lisp objects as a sort of cache for data instead of hitting your database for every request..."

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