"...Microsoft's proposal is for web developers to opt-in to Internet Explorer 8's standards mode by adding in a new meta tag (or HTTP header) [...] Microsoft are demanding that we web standards developers favour them with time, cost and effort, while they continue to abrogate their responsibilities to their half a billion clients. [...] Microsoft on the other hand are now expecting us web developers to carry the burden of their responsibility. Instead of Microsoft abiding by the responsibility of rendering pages according to the open defined standards, Microsoft are intent on making standards-based pages second class citizens. [...] We web developers should not be paying for Microsoft's mistakes. [...] I believe this meta tag idea is Microsoft's last throw of the dice before finally admitting that Internet Explorer is dead in the water. [...] As to their demand of blind obedience: I don't think so. I have a better idea - end of line Internet Explorer. [...] End of line it. [...] I reject Microsoft's proposal. It undermines the spirit and the purpose of the World Wide Web."

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