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GNU/Linux Command Sequences in the Bash Shell

In addition to creating programming structures, you can also use the semi-colon to separate stand-alone commands that you want to execute from the same command entry. If you wanted to cd to a certain directory and then look at its contents, you could enter each command on its own line. Or, you could enter them both on the same line. This process is called command chaining.

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[Tip] PostgreSQL Tip of the Day - mass modification of sequences

Someone posted a dilemma to the pgsql-sql list today that involved many if not all of his sequences getting out of sync with their respective "serial" columns. In other words, something like "SELECT max(id) FROM sometable" yields 42, but the sequence nextval for is currently set to 36. This is obviously bad (for reasons left as an exercise for the reader).

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Brain Teaser: Seemingly Random Number List Selection

What equation, or factor, determines the most econimical 3 digit match lists from our list of 56 lists?

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