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Adventures in Karmic


I rebooted my laptop today, to effect the latest updates to Karmic. After the reboot, new problems so far include:

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Koala will be 'a definitive shift' for Ubuntu Linux


You may, by now, have heard of a little distribution called Ubuntu, unless you happen to have been in space for the past five years. For now all you need to know is that Ubuntu is a popular offshoot of Debian, and the man behind it, Mark Shuttleworth, is considered to be a veritable Linux titan.

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Will Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Stand Up Against Windows 7


Karmic Koala is scheduled to be released on October this year, while its rival Windows 7 is going to kick start at the end of the year. Both releases offer impressive features, but will Ubuntu 9.10 stand up against Windows 7.

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GRUB 2: the New Boot Loader in Ubuntu 9.10


At the UDS (Ubuntu Developer Summit) for Karmic Koala took place this year in May Colin Watson had the pleasure to announce last night that GRUB 2 would definitely be the default boot loader in Ubuntu 9.10.

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What is hoped to be new in Ubuntu 9.10: Karmic Koala


Server Ubuntu aims to keep free software at the forefront of cloud computing by embracing the API’s of Amazon EC2, and making it easy for anybody to setup their own cloud using entirely open tools. They’re currently in beta with official Ubuntu base AMI’s for use on Amazon EC2. During the Karmic...

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Cloud Computing: What Can It Do for Ubuntu?


When Mark Shuttleworth announced the future Ubuntu 9.10 release, Karmic Koala, the goals he outlined for the server version were all to do with cloud computing but you might be asking "What is cloud computing ?" I answer this question and investigate what it can do for Ubuntu?

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Shuttleworth Says Linux is a Joke


Linux is a joke. Well, that may be a bit harsh, but Ubuntu certainly seems to be all the excuse founder Mark Shuttleworth needs to make one bad pun after another. In a recent e-mail introducing Karmic Koala, the Ubuntu release slated for late 2009, and his plans for cloud computing this is what he had to say

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Why the Artwork Refresh in Karmic Koala is Important


One of the major goals of Ubuntu Karmic Koala outlined in Mark Shuttleworth's recent announcement is a new look for Ubuntu, something that has been requested a lot. Not everyone, though, thinks this should be a priority. A WorksWithU article voices the concern that there are more pressing issues for Ubuntu than giving it a new look.

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Ubuntu 9.10: Karmic Koala


Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the Karmic Koala, the newest member of our alliterative menagerie. When you are looking for inspiration beyond the looming Jaunty feature freeze, I hope you’ll think of the Koala, our official mascot for Ubuntu 9.10.

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