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SOPA Gets Taiwanese News Animation Treatment


Want to know when a bit of news has really hit the mainstream? It's when the Taiwanese company Next Media Animation does a computer generated animation of the story. ... Yup, the battle over SOPA, which they animate by showing Hollywood lobbyists seeking to attack the internet, and showing not only how tech companies teamed up to fight this, but that internet users are pushing back.

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Why and How I Join the Cloud Hype, and So Can You, Free Culture Amigos!


I suggest that fellow advocates of the free culture movement jump on the cloud bandwagon and compete with the hype generator(s?) for the seat behind the steering wheel, popularizing the free culture concepts during the competition, as a peaceful way of fighting the cloud hypes.

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More Than 60 Schools in Kaohsiung City Signed the Software Freedom Manifesto


Principals from more than 60 elementary, junior high, and senior high schools of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, signed a "Software Freedom Manifesto" at the invitation of the city's Education Bureau on Sep 9 Thursday morning in a press conference.

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Novell Offshores Some of Its SUSE Operations to East Asia


A YEAR AGO, Ron Hovsepian spoke about moving to the east. According to Reuters, he was bound to spend approximately $100 million on these moves. It obviously requires some great long-term savings to be able to reward him with a huge bonus [1, 2] despite a huge slump.

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RMS in Taiwan & Freedom for Network Services


Google should adopt AGPL and embrace Freedom for Network Services...

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