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Linux standardization is not the end of the world

I've been hearing an ever increasing cry for Linux standardization over the past couple of months, with Googles most recent cry being the loudest. And yet we still hear the same tired old mantra from Linux geeks galore that says “Standardization will kill what Linux is and what it stands for.”

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Should Linux Standardize on a Single Distro?

When I demonstrate software for Linux Journal, I tend to use Ubuntu as my operating system. The reason is simply because Ubuntu is extremely popular, but it begs the question, should the Linux community standardize on a single distribution? Let's look at some of the pros and cons

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The extinction of standardization dinosaurs on the software planet

"According to this, the ISO are now calling a "standard" the Microsoft Office format (which is cynically called "Office Open XML"). [...] What is interesting is that TeX, LaTeX, OGG/Vorbis, OGG/Theora, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, OCaml, are not standardized by any organization.

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We need some Linux standardization!

Ok, here's something that's been going through my mind lately and I think it needs to be brought to the forefront, just like some of the other topics I've mentioned lately, such as my Distro Implosion article. But this time, instead of discussing the state of Linux distribution lists and distros in general, I think we need to discuss standardization. Yes, that dreaded word.

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Novell CEO: We Need To Standardize Linux

According to Novell President and CEO Ron Hovsepian, there needs to be more application availability on Linux in order to accelerate Linux adoption.

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