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Ubuntu: More Bugs than Ever?

If you're a frequent Ubuntu user chances are you've heard of people suggesting that Ubuntu has gotten decidedly buggy and broken, with even The Register commenting on the lack of polish in Ubuntu 9.10.

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Linux is losing its stable title

Linux has a reputation for stability. Because it is based on the Unix framework it has an inbuilt stability where if one process crashes, other processes are not effected. Pure Linux is still supremely stable. Then along came Jones.

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Windows in hospitals... a bad combination

I really cannot understand why hospitals, who ultimately deal with human lives are allowed to use MS-Windows on their networks. Even a simple delay in looking up if a person has a allergy for a given drug can prove to be fatal.

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Why I love Debian

Ubuntu and Linux Mint are great for new users, but I'm not a new user. I'm not trying to be snobby, and I don't think I'm better than anyone else; I just have different needs than most people. I don't want polish. I want to see and work with the guts of my operating system, because I like to be in total control of my computing experience.

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Can Linux Be This Good?

After using computers for over twenty five years, I was suddenly struck by the thought that I do not know what to do with a fully functioning, uncrashable, secure and attractive operating system. For me a computer has always been a toy, something to be played with and tweaked to squeeze out every possible advantage.

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