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Google, Yahoo, MySpace team up on OpenSocial

Yahoo, Google and MySpace have formed a foundation to promote the OpenSocial platform as a neutral, community-governed specification for building social-networking applications, the companies announced Tuesday.

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The Unexpected (good) side effect of using Ubuntu

"...when I used Windows I was in a cocoon plugging away day after day I sure never cared about a Bill Gates blog like I do a Mark Shuttleworth blog, [...] Ubuntu has brought me into a community, a community of people that really do want to make computing free and open."

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A Conversation with Eben Moglen on Second Life

"...Moglen and Levine explore, in depth, the problem of defining digital public space and issues of privacy on the internet, offering many suggestions on how to implement online privacy enhancing technologies and insights as to how we could design the next generation of these technologies in responsible ways...."

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Ubuntero: Ubuntu Social Network (Beta) is a one-of-a-kind social network designed by and for Ubuntu users, developers, and evangelists. Registration is finally open! (The site is down at the moment because they got dugg, but it might be worth a look)

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Do we still need LUGs?

"In the world of Linux, many things have changed in the last decade. The operating system itself has grown up, and is no longer an "upstart." But one mainstay of the Linux community, the Linux user group (LUG), appears to be on the decline in some areas. Attendance is down, LUG presidents say, and some groups have stopped meeting. Does this mean we don't need LUGs anymore?"

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