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Six-monthly releases: OpenBSD shows the way

Six-monthly releases have become something of a talking point in free and open source software circles after the problems Ubuntu has faced with users unhappy over major bugs. The OpenBSD project has been doing six-monthly releases for the last 12 years - with no major bugs.

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'Ubuntu Needs a Longer Release Schedule!'

Every six-month Ubuntu release is greeted with a predictable barrage of praise, complaints, and solemn pundits calling for a slower release schedule. Jono Bacon, the Ubuntu Community Manager, reveals the whys and wherefores of Ubuntu's two-pronged release strategy.

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Shuttleworth wants to support Debian

In a long posting on the Debian mailing list, Ubuntu sponsor Mark Shuttleworth sets out his position in the dispute over bringing a fixed development cycle to Debian's GNU/Linux distribution. Shuttleworth points out that he has long advocated a model of synchronisation between the various releases of Linux distributions which are based on the same versions of the same core components.

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Shuttleworth: On cadence and collaboration

Mark Shuttleworth has joined into the discussion on Debian release cycles; it's a rather lengthy attempt to make peace.

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Debian is NOT switching to time-based releases

At DebConf 9 this week, the Debian release team proposed a new approach to Debian’s release cycle, which was then announced on the Debian web site. Both the Debconf presentation and the announcement were quite clear, but a number of news articles and blog posts on the subject seem to have misinterpreted them.

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Embracing the “Meta Release Cycle”

One of the greatest problems hindering desktop Linux is its diversity.  With 800+ distributions, dozens of user interfaces and lots of different applications that do the same things, it's no secret that the Linux world is convoluted for developers and users.  But if Mark Shuttleworth has his way, the free-software community might become a little saner.

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Open Source: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

"Frequent release cycles are both a curse and a blessing. Software developers are creating fixes and patches all the time. The downside is the developer doesn't want to do upgrades all the time," Barry Klawans, founding member of the Open Solutions Alliance and CTO at JasperSoft, told LinuxInsider. "Commercial vendors in open source are not always doing this process as frequently."

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The Absent PCLinuxOS Release Cycle

During distro comparisons, many call a lack of release cycle for PCLinuxOS one of its negative aspects. In my opinion, this is the most attractive and positive aspects of the small distribution. Not to take away from a distribution that sets a release cycle...I understand that normal release cycles are a must with companies and software engineering.

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