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Microsoft Lobbies Come Under Fire by the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and Linux Journal

FOSS people fed up with OOXML corruption and Microsoft fronts like Association for Competitive Technology

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Linux Journal Announces Winners of its 2009 Readers' Choice Awards

Linux Journal's annual Readers' Choice Awards take the pulse of the Linux community, allowing readers to choose their favorites in a number of categories.

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In Defense of a Linux Education

"For some reason, Linux and education seem to go hand-in-hand. Some of the benefits of Linux make the association between the two very natural.[...]There is, however, the ever-present argument that the real world uses Microsoft products, therefore Microsoft products are what children should be taught in school."

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Linux Journal: How Not To Run A Business

I have to wonder- where on Earth did Ms. Fairchild get the idea that alienating her customers is a good business practice? So what if she finds sexist, demeaning humor funny? It doesn't belong in Linux Journal.

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Dear Linux Journal: News Flash- Women Are People

This just keeps getting worse. Please tell me how anyone could think this is a good idea: “Howdy. My husband is Chester Gnull and I’m Laverta Voyd, and I’m the lady to light a way for all you sweethearts out there who do fancy stuff with Linux. Me and my husband’s gonna be bringing you tech tips just about every month now….I don’t know nothing about Linux.

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Linux Journal: the Last Idiot's Club

I dropped my subscription to Linux Journal a couple of years ago because I got tired of their stubborn refusal to admit women into their gearhead club.

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