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Patents, Video, and an Open Internet

For a number of reasons, I’m fascinated by the fight over the tag in HTML5 as related by Ryan Paul of Ars Technica – and not just because I like the idea of not having to install a plugin to watch video online.

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HTML5 & Ogg Theora

This whole html tag ordeal is getting out of hand. If we look at the image tag it supports jpeg, png, gif and probably more although I've not tried any others. I wonder how drastic that decision must have been when made ? But seriously as it is now if I don't have the correct plugin both opera & firefox help out if possible.

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Mozilla launches video accessibility drive

Video and audio support will soon be built directly into Firefox, by way of the free Vorbis and Theora codecs, and Mozilla is using the opportunity to advance multimedia accessibility for hearing-impaired and seeing-impaired users.

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HTML5 Working Group Rejects Open Media Formats

HTML5 spec is expected to introduce new audio and video capabilities into the HTML language. However, it seems that Nokia and Apple have succeeded in removing Ogg Vorbis and Theora support from the current draft which decision has caused lots of heated political discussion. Some critics claim that the decision is mostly based on reluctance to back a standard that has no provision for including DRM, while others have mentioned potential patent uncertainties as the main reason not to back Ogg Vorbis and Theora.

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GStreamer brings HTML5 video support to GTK/WebKit

The GTK port of the WebKit HTML rendering engine has gained support for the HTML5 video element. The media backend, which uses GStreamer, was implemented by Pierre-Luc Beaudoin of Collabora. Developer Alp Toker integrated the backend with GTk/WebKit's Cairo graphics pipeline, making it possible for the video content to be embedded in SVG and manipulated with CSS and JavaScript.

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Nokia rails against "proprietary" Ogg

Nokia has joined Apple in calling for a change in the video code requirements for HTML 5. Specifically they want the W3C Working Group to drop the requirement that browsers and devices support the Ogg video and audio codecs.

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