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Quickly encrypt and decrypt files with GPG

Need to quickly encrypt a file or an archive? You can do this using the GPG encryption software which is installed by default on many mainstream Linux distributions.

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Video: Linux HOWTO, Secure Your Data with GnuPG

This tutorial shows how you can use GnuPG to secure and verify data on your Linux box but the first part is relevant for Windows users too.

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Protecting directory trees with gpgdir

gpgdir uses GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) to encrypt and decrypt files or a directory tree. You could accomplish the same objective by tarring the filesystem up and then encrypting the tar.gz file with GnuPG, but then you would still have to shred or wipe every file in the original directory tree. With gpgdir the whole tree is encrypted in one command.

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Sign & Encrypt your Emails with Thunderbird/Enigmail

Thunderbird is a great and well know open source email client brought to you by the same group that puts out Firefox. But like Firefox, there’s extensions we can add to it to make an already secure application more secure. Welcome to the world of signing and encrypting your emails

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