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State of open source software in finnish schools

To be honest, for a couple of years now I have been pretty skeptical about the future of Free and Open Source software in Finnish schools and education sector in general. In Finland we have a lot of open source expertise and know-how. We have developers. I also assume that majority of the (liberally) higher educated people in Finland, at least know what is "Open Source" and "Linux".

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BSA Attacks the Right to Software Freedom in the Czech Republic; Similar Offenses in the UK, Finland

The BSA continues to make life a lot harder for Free/libre software; message about the situation in Finland is reproduced

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Finland’s Public Sector Moves to Open Standards and Free Software, Microsoft Interferes

THE Finnish public sector is now requiring (in so much as it can require anything) that all public sector agencies, including schools, drop any and all closed source, closed protocols, and closed formats* and move entirely to open ones.

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