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Documentation: Give it up; it won't happen.

At one point in time and not too very long ago, I fancied myself a decent system administrator with a decent resume and work history. When I finished a series of writing tasks working on technology subjects that included system administration, I thought the time had come for me to work in a shop with Linux and MS.

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Created by bluecheese 7 years 35 weeks ago – Made popular 7 years 34 weeks ago
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Does Ubuntu’s documentation stink?

...there’s apparently some concern over Gutsy Gibbon’s documentation. Gibbon is the latest release of Ubuntu, version 7.10, which came out last month to the usual fanfare associated with new Ubuntu releases...

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The art of using manuals

Detailed and proper documentation of source code and programs is the milestone of Unix culture, as we may read in “The art of Unix Programming” by Eric Steven Raymond. The first application on Unix was the platform to prepare documents. The platform was used by Bell Labs to prepare patent documents.

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GIMP User Manual 0.13 Released

After four months of hard work we are proud to announce a new release of the user manual for GIMP 2.2.

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Alright you drooling idiots!

Jem Matzan thinks we technical writers treat you as stupid drooling idiots. Do I? I can honestly say I don’t. I write for the competent computer user who has switched to Ubuntu.

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