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Accessing PostgreSQL in C/C++

For some, databases can be pretty intimidating. I remember some of the convoluted code I wrote years ago in order to avoid having to learn how to access a database from my programs. But it's actually not that hard to access a database, even in C/C++.

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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: New Features in Postgres 8.4

Looking for a mature, open source database that’s not owned by Oracle? Whether you’re already a fan or are looking for alternatives, now might be a good time to take a look PostgreSQL.

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Open source community site goes open source

Ohloh, a community site for open source developers, is making its tools open source, including the Web site itself.

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Are Proprietary Databases Doomed?

Times of change are upon the database market. The major established database companies are being challenged by open source upstarts like MySQL and PostgreSQL. For years, Open Source Databases (OSDBs) have been quietly increasing their penetration, but until recently they have lacked the capabilities to seriously threaten proprietary databases like Oracle, IBM's DB2, and Microsoft's SQL Server.

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