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Help Get Coreboot Onto System76 Machines!

System76 is taking a look at getting Coreboot onto their machines. However, it is up to us to show them that we really want it. Sign the petition, and help out the Free Software community.

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The Last Mile is Always the Hardest - by John Sullivan

"Software licenses and patents aren't the only ways proprietary software vendors can restrict the freedoms of computer users. A key component of our overall campaign for software freedom is making sure that the hardware we buy is not an obstacle to the exercise of our freedoms.

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"Pay attention to your freedom instead of self-serving forecasts" - RMS speaks with Poornam Media

RMS: «If Microsoft says that ['era of open computing'], it appears to be an attempt at a self-fulfilling prophesy. If people believe it, they may make it come true. The way to deal with that is to refuse to let Microsoft lead you. Pay attention to your freedom instead of self-serving forecasts ...

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