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Insight into GNU/Linux boot process

Linux has grown from a system that used to boot from a floppy providing no luxurious features to the user, to the current jazzy Linux systems. It is important to have an insight of the Linux boot procedure.

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Booting Moblin v2 beta live image using an USB drive

Once you have burned an USB drive with a Moblin v2 image, you can follow the steps shown in the video in order to boot a live Moblin v2 image.

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Das Boot

Here's something silly. It seems like y'all are concentrating on boot times these days. Boot in 20 seconds! no, 15 seconds! no 10 seconds! Why the **** do I care?

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Inside the Linux boot process

The process of booting a Linux® system consists of a number of stages. But whether you're booting a standard x86 desktop or a deeply embedded PowerPC® target, much of the flow is surprisingly similar. This article explores the Linux boot process from the initial bootstrap to the start of the first user-space application.

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Booting Linux in Less Than 40 Seconds

Have you ever dreamt about booting Linux in less than one minute? Now this dream can come true: in less than 40 seconds after pressing the power button, you will have a perfect fully-functional operating system, exactly as you left the last session. Even better than you thought, right? Now you could say: "Crazy boy - I don't believe you!" Well then, check it out for yourself.

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Booting Linux from Flash

A guide to how you can run GNU/Linux from a flash disk.

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