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Bazaar 2.2.0 released

Bazaar is distributed revision control system allowing multiple people to have their own branch of a project, and merge code efficiently between them. It enables new contributors to immediately access to the full tools that previously have been limited to just the committers to a project. This release marks the start of another long-term-stable series.

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Bazaar: A Powerful, next-generation source control system

Bazaar is a powerful, next-generation source control system that adapts to the dynamics of any development team. This article is an introduction to Bazaar.

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Ground Control - An integration project to bring easy access to launchpad to the desktop

Ground control is a project that hopes to bring the collaboration of launchpad and bazaar branches to every day users abilities. It does away with the need for a command line and has removed a lot of the complex distractions leaving a simplified workflow for users to follow.

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One DVCM to rule them all (follow up)

There were some comments in my original story about the performance of some DVCMs where I was told that bazaar degrades pretty much when you have thousands upon thousands of revisions and that the repositories could be packed. I decided to follow suit and see where git and bzr would stand having some thousands of revisions in them.

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Versioned MySQL Backups with Bazaar

So maybe you have a backup solution in place and running periodically to make sure your databases are safe. At any point in time if the system fails, you’re prepared. But what if, right before a backup, an unruly visitor finds an expolit on your application and wipes out a few tables? Your “backup” is then no longer a backup you can rely on. How do we fix this? Versioning.

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Shuttleworth on Bazaar and open-source project development

Sometimes open-source development projects plod along at a slow walk. Sometimes they develop at a gallop. Bazaar, the version control system from Canonical, is entering the Kentucky Derby.

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Bazaar-o World

When I was growing up in Indiana, a bazaar was akin to a fancified garage sale--right in there with white elephant sales. Now, of course, having been a part of this community for almost a decade, whenever I hear "bazaar," the counter-image of a huge gothic cathedral immediately pops into my head.

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Canonical Releases Version 1.0 of Bazaar Version Control Tool for Efficient Developer Collaboration

LONDON, December 14, 2007 -- Canonical Ltd., the commercial sponsor of the Ubuntu and Bazaar projects, today announced the general availability of Bazaar 1.0, a version control system enabling multiple, distributed developers to contribute to software projects independently in a controlled, managed way.

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