FSDaily crosses 1000 user mark!

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Submitted by dave on Thu, 08/23/2007 - 14:12

We have reason to celebrate because FSDaily recently crossed the 1000 user mark! This is great news because we have only been up and running for 3 months and have only been advertising on Free Software Magazine. So word of mouth must be working well.

We hope that you continue to spread the word and invite other members of the free software community to join in. The only way we can have fair, unbiased, free-software-related news is if the whole community joins in and has their say.

Speaking of participation: of the 1000+ people who have joined very few actively vote, even less comment and, fewer still, submit stories themselves. For this project to succeed we really need as much participation from the community as possible.

We are very grateful to the few people who do vote, comment and submit. But, if those same few people do all the submitting, voting and commenting we will be providing the wider community with a fairly narrow view of the free software world.

So we call upon all of you who have been just reading to participate as much as possible. Please help us create the best free software community news site on the net. You can help by:

  • Voting: Vote up the stories you think are important. Don't forget there are a lot of stories in the upcoming queue that won't make it to the front page unless YOU vote for them.
  • Commenting: Posting comments helps to let everyone know how you feel on the matter. This generates healthy discussion which new community members can gain insight from. Feel free to ask questions too.
  • Submitting: Don't be content with reading the stories other people submit. Please submit any free software related news items and articles that you think other people in the free software community can benefit from or should know about.
  • Inviting: Please take a moment to think the friends and associates you have who would benefit from reading the content that the free software community finds important. Basically, if they're part of the free software community, they should be part of the FSDaily community.
  • Promoting: Please link and/or write about FSDaily in your blogs, websites, facebook or myspace pages, or anywhere else you can think of. Let people in your corner of the free software world (LUGs, mailing lists, distro and application communities etc.) know FSDaily is here. Add us to Stumbleupon, Technorati, Reddit, Delicious or your favourite social bookmarking site. (* Note: Please don't do anything that might be considered spamming. Respect your community and its etiquette/rules/guidelines.)

Please participate in some or all of the above ways so that this site can continue to exist and so that our community expands. The more participation we have from the free software community the better it is for the free software community. In this way we can truly represent the free software community and not just a small subsection of it.

Thanks for all of your participation thus far and thanks in advance for all the help you will give in the future.