"Free software related news" OR "news for the free software community"

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Submitted by dave on Fri, 10/05/2007 - 14:31

I've been thinking about this whole "free software related" thing.

I am starting to think that rather than the focus of FSDaily being on "free software related news", it makes more senseto be focussed on "news for the free software community".

For example, DRM, software patents, open standards (not just for software), public domain, creative commons, free hardware and free culture aren't always _exactly_ "free software related" as such. However, they are interesting and important issues to the free software community and I feel like, if the community votes them up, that's the real decider.

However, I think that's about the limit. I don't want to see sports or politics or any other really unrelated stuff creeping in even if you all would vote it up that stuff is just too far off topic. I think that's one of things that ruined digg.

Vote this up if you are okay with this plan. And please let me know your thoughts too.