FS Daily badly needs to fix its authentication module

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Submitted by pravi on Sun, 11/16/2008 - 03:33

I have been using FS Daily for so long and I really think it is great for the community and I do use it almost every day. I hope someone will seriously look into it and fix these fundamental issues that makes using it such a pain currently.

I wanted to write about it for so long, but could not wait any longer.

The authentication of FS Daily is so crappy currently and it is such a pain to use it every day. It seems it is becoming crappier by day. I never get my remember my login correctly. Forget it, just to post a news or to vote on a story you need to sign in many times, refresh and above all pray it will let you do it.

You come to FS Daily every day,

1) you expect remember me option to work, but it doesn't
2) OK forget it, you are voting on a story, it asks for your login - fair so far, but once you login, it says you are not authorized.
3) Now you refresh it or select all stories and find out the story you wanted to vote on and it won't count your vote if it is a published story.
4) Luckily voting on the the upcoming stories works

Also I was trying to post a story and I thought I posted it, but I forgot to press save after a few previews. Fair enough, but it won't let me post that story again, complaining it is being submitted - even after a whole day. I had to fool the system by using nyud.net to get the story posted.

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One of my pet peeves is....

people using a site to complain about a site. It happens all the time on digg and now it's starting to happen here too by the looks of it.

If you have a problem why don't you go to the drigg/drupal site and file a bug report direct to the people who can fix it? What is the point of submitting it here? Or at least just send an email direct to the guys who run the site. I'm sure they will file the bug report for you!

And you know what it probably has nothing to do with drigg or drupal but the remember me module of Drupal.