Your good name. Trademark it. Protect your Web site registration. You can’t protect your code, but if someone wants to fork it they can do it under another name. (Image from BrandChannel.)

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Before one believes "You can’t

Before one believes "You can’t protect your code [...]" one should learn about the propagandistic term "protect" -- http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/words-to-avoid.html#Protection In the ZDNet.com article, "protect" is used without explication leading the reader to assume that if one is not distributing proprietary software, one's code is somehow vulnerable. Quite to the contrary, proprietary software harms users. One helps the community by writing and distributing free software and one's code might also see improvement in a technical sense. Improvement is, of course, subjective but since everyone deserves the freedom to make their computer work as they want, this is fine. The technical improvements are convenient and nice but the key advantage to free software is the social solidarity that results from working together with others in freedom.