RMS: "...My advice is don’t make the mistake of thinking about software only in terms of practical convenience. Don’t forget about freedom. Don’t forget about social solidarity. Anyone trying to stop you from sharing information, is trying to tax society. Don’t let them get away with it. If you develop software, respect the freedom of the user. Don’t try to subjugate other people and don’t let anybody subjugate you. You deserve to be free."

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It was interesting when RMS

It was interesting when RMS explain the origin of the term hacking.

However, much of the interviews simply repeat what I heard from previous interviews.

RMS is admirable for keep repeating his free software message but it get pretty old pretty fast if you keep reading the same response from RMS.

Maybe the interviewers should ask RMS new questions like what his thought on patents outside of softwares.

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10 years 21 weeks 6 days 8 hours ago


On the whole I have to agree

And about people asking him new questions... I have often seen/heard/read about interviews where people have tried to approach RMS with new questions and, like a politician, he turns the question around so he can answer with his pre-prepared sound byte responses.

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RMS doesn't have to accept the premise of every question.

I've found the critics of RMS tend to be evasive and deceptive. In my experience, RMS gives straight, direct answers.

The reason for repetition is that the fundamental method of propaganda is the widespread repetition and propagation of deliberately deceptive information. That's what we're up against, so repeating the correct information is the antidote to this situation created by widespread propaganda.

If more people were intellectually honest, propaganda would not be flooding the media, arguments would be settle quickly, and the few honest people wouldn't be worn down by a strategy of attrition from biased critics.