Linux has failed to win either mind share or market share on the desktop. Google’s Chrome OS will do little to change that. Learn why

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Created by aditiseth 8 years 8 weeks ago
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Well, all I can say is congratulations.
You've just received a good reward from you master, Steve Ballmer, a million dollar check along with a brand new laptop with Windows [Vista]7 pre-installed.

Keep on yapping that way, and perhaps King Ballmer will one day decide to yield his throne to you.

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The market hasn't been given a chance

The market hasn't even had the chance to reject the GNU/Linux desktop. As soon as M$ started strong-arming the OEM's into using a basically free version of XP on netbooks, all the retailers dropped the Linux versions before they even got a chance.

I'm not going to declare 2010 the year of the Linux desktop, but the war is far from over.

The article is rather well written FUD though.

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Well said my friend.

I couldn't agree more.