Microsoft's arrogance is spinning out of control as it insults its own customers.

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Microsoft's arrogance is a bonus

Fortunately this will only make more people in China and elsewhere think about the issues associated with proprietary software, and perhaps try using GNU/Linux instead. Microsoft's "genuine disadvantage" feature is actually a bonus for Linux adoption.

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That's true..

At my place (Jordan), me and the rest of the Open Source Group at my college are spreading the Linux philosophy to the people, whom Microsoft is the one and only thing they know.

Can you believe that some of them refer to any OS in general by "Windows". Like sometimes come to you asking something like: "What Windows do you use? ", and then you have to correct them saying:
" No, my friend, that's not Windows, it's a totally different OS called Linux... -_-"

Can you even believe that when I showed Ubuntu with some cool eye candy to one of my IT instructors, instead of asking me about what makes Linux technically better than Windows, the first and only comment he made was like: "Wow! So Linux does have GUI and it looks good!!"

And in my heart I was like: "Oh, my God, what the hell did Microsoft do to these people's minds??? 0_0"

Linux 4 Life!!
"Idiots can be defeated but they just never admit it" ~ Richard Stallman.

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If I may add a little correction..

The article mixes between Oman, which is a country
in the Arabian Gulf and Amman, which is the capital of Jordan, by mistake.

I've notified the author of this article at Boycott Novell, Mr Roy Schestowitz, and he corrected it.

The new title for this article now is: "Microsoft Insults the People of China, Oman, the Newly-elected President".

NOTE: However, what the article says can still be applied to Jordan as well. Microsoft does hypnotize the minds of all Jordanian, pretending to be serving them.