Ubuntu clearly rivals Windows 7 in terms of stability, speed, and functionality. Yet school IT staff who try to take advantage of this free software often meet with serious resistance.

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Argument invalid

Sorry but you misunderstand Ubuntu .... or as a matter of fact all GNU/Linux distributions. The point is helping users use their computers in freedom. If you are going to use proprietary software on top of that then you are not solving the problem you are just reducing it. The correct reason for using any Linux distribution especially in classrooms is teaching people to be free and social. Yes sure all GNU/Linux distributions have some convenient advantages over other operating systems... but it is not the most important part.

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Arguement Kind of Valid

But only because of the following: school and library management systems. To my knowledge, Free Software doesn't have an existing implementation of STIClassroom, which is a proprietary program used to track and distribute students grades. It's an immeasurably useful program for teachers, and of course only runs on Windows and Mac.

The educational tools are all there. It's just the management ones that need to get made, then it'd be perfect for schools.