Novell is working on Mono support for the new MeeGo mobile Linux platform and for Google's Android platform

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Created by born.again.linuxer 4 years 18 weeks ago
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4 years 18 weeks 6 days 21 hours ago


Oh no, please don't do that!

An open message to the MeeGo development team:

Please, oh please do NOT fall for the Mono scam!
Do NOT let the M$-Mono junk venomware into your project.

The Mono poison had already successfully infiltrated a number of good Free Open Source projects like Ubuntu Linux, and it would be way too much to see it infiltrate some more!

The Mono poisonware is a scam!
It's a Microsoft trojan horse designed in the Novell labs for no other damn reason other than infiltrating our favorite FOSS projects and shove the Microsoft garbage down our throats!

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