When I first used Mono, shortly after its first appearance in 2004, one of my most important requirements was to get connected to a MySQL back end. This was quickly achieved at the time with the ByteFX data connector. Following the basic Mono tutorial quickly had me up and running, with access to MySQL databases. Last week I needed to reopen and modernize my application and found that there have been several important changes in Mono between 2004 and 2008. First, I found some "then and now" differences with the installation of the data connector. Second, I needed to make some modifications to my programming.

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The time has finally arrived to delete linux.com from my bookmarks.

This is an unashamed promo for Mono. All the usual suspects are included.

Using openSUSE 11? Naturally.

Talks about Miguel de Icaza? Of course.

Using Windows binaries in openSUSE? They worked fine.

Plenty of Mono and C# everywhere else? But, of course.

Whole mess runs like a hairy goat? Well, Novell has inherited many of Microsoft's core characteristics.

These coves are far closer to M$, in spirit, than they are to the genuine FOSS community.

So long, linux.com, you are now too far into the dark side for my taste, anymore.