The article is in portuguese and is about a decision of the portuguese government to decided to launch a conflict mediation court on Second Life.

It would be interesting if our country had a spectacular justice system that worked.

It would be much better if they put the money and efforts in puting computers in all courts, giving laptops to all judges and, why not, powering the stuff with Free Software to keep it cheaper and not like they did with the great deal with the good old Microsoft Portugal.

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Also directly connected with this

Also directly connected with this are the millions of Euros our Justice Ministry spend yearly with Microsoft Licensing and the good and steady movement in the right direction they are taking. More at http://tek.sapo.pt/4L0/709105.html (in portuguese also)

Unfortunately, I fear that when, and if, Mário Valente wents out they can succumb to MS again and all could go back. It happened already and more than once.