It's tax time in Australia. Three weeks into the new financial year, now is about the time when people have all their documentation ready to give the government its yearly pound of flesh. But for Linux users there's no joy again.

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I'm in Nicaragua this year and

I'm in Nicaragua this year and there is no way for me to submit my tax online because I don't/won't run Windows. I've contacted the ATO about this for the last 3 years but they don't seem too concerned.

As it is, I either have to use a net cafe (assuming they'll allow me to install the ATO's etax app) - out of the question, or don't submit my tax til Dec. Thankfully they will allow this and won't fine me as long as they owe me tax and not the other way 'round.

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complicated tax are evil! Eliminate

complicated tax are evil! Eliminate income tax, property tax and all that crap!

HAVE ONE TAX! The sale tax. No damn government is going to legally steal my hard earned dollars.

Support the FairTax act! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairtax

(The next step is to reduce government spending and taxing)

Oh wait, this is not United States...