KDE 4 is barely eight months old, and already it has three options for a main menu. Until now, users have either used the default Kickoff, which makes for awkward navigation of the menu tree, or reverted to the familiar but unwieldy classic menu. Now, with the first full release of Lancelot, users have another option that overcomes the shortcomings of both other alternatives and gives KDE 4 a thoroughly modern menu.

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Created by vjknair 9 years 1 week ago
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Three options for a main menu?

And not one option for sensibly configuring the state of the panel? (It took me 5 minutes to figure out how to resize my panel.) i've tried to give KDE4 a go several times, but it's godawful slow and has maybe 10% of the configuration options which our good old KDE3 has.

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KDE 4.0 is intended to be a

KDE 4.0 is intended to be a preview release for the user ready KDE 4.1. In other words, users that are not interested in helping develop KDE 4.0 should really wait for KDE 4.1