One thing that keeps Linux in the back foot is the lack of good quality applications that can compete with the best out there. The advent of paid softwares section in Ubuntu Software Center is a start, things like that can kick start application development for Linux in a big way. But things were not as bad I thought it would be. On further browsing, I found out that there are indeed a good number of paid applications for Linux, some of them were a total surprise for me. Here are some of those paid applications for Linux which I found interesting.

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Created by kiterunner 6 years 31 weeks ago
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Proprietary software...

What's holding GNU/Linux back is people's tendency to surrender their freedom and use non-free software. Commercial software is fine but proprietary is not. I wish proprietary vendors would understand that GNU/Linux is way too small a market and sell their proprietary wares for the users of proprietary operating systems. And Ubuntu pushing proprietary software on its users does make me sad. Freedom is like pregnancy, there's no such thing as a little bit pregnant, you either are or then you aren't.

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Had to downvote

It's not about Free software.