Things are not looking good for KDE, following the news that KDE will not be getting long term support (LTS) whereas GNOME will according to Canonical.

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KDE fanboy

I'm rapidly becoming a KDE fanboy. I'm still new and I like Gnome, but KDE does some things I really like that I can't do in Gnome. I use Gnome for those few things I can't do so easily in KDE.

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I should wear flipflops. I've switched back to Gnome as my primary manager because too many things I use work MUCH better there than in KDE. For some reason I have no sound in Wine under KDE. Also there are menu items in Gnome that I use a lot which I can never find in KDE. I know thats because some of them are specific to Gnome of course.

I may go back to KDE, but for now its just getting in the way too often and has too many issues for me.

I'm able to keep using one feature of KDE in Gnome which I really like and thats Konqueror (for its 'copy to' feature).

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I disagree. The only reason it's not an LTS is because of KDE 4. Once it's ironed out, I think everything will work out fine.

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KDE 4 starts striking back, hard

Far from it. It only appears so because of the over-hyped Ubuntu. Many new users in the Linux world don't even know that there is more to Ubuntu, and that there are distributions and desktop environments that may be better. There is nothing to worry about for KDE users. Even now KDE 3.5 is a more powerful desktop. In a few days the very first version of the next generation of KDE 4 comes out and it already is one level higher then the current desktop environments.