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Created by dave 7 years 12 weeks ago – Made popular 7 years 12 weeks ago
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7 years 12 weeks 1 day 9 hours ago


no comment

no comment ;-)

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7 years 12 weeks 13 hours 8 min ago


I think that since lots of

I think that since lots of articles point to other people's blogs, most of the comments are left there. I have many times seen heated discussions there, at people's blogs.

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7 years 12 weeks 10 hours 53 min ago


I agree with lverona

I like to use FSdaily to become an overview what's going on in the Free Software community.
FSdaily doesn't provide full featured articles but "only" summaries of existing articles which often allow me to add my comment directly to the original article.
So why should I add my comment to a summary instead to the complete article? I think that's how most FSdaily users think. Even your article is at FSdaily only a summery of your blog post.

I think the natural way of most FSdaily users is: Scan FSdaily for intersting articles (and vote for them if they think others should read them too)-> go to the article they like -> read the full article -> leave a comment if they feel they have to say something (but at this step they are no longer at the FSdaily website but already at the website of the author of the article).

I would really like to see more comments and discussions at FSdaily but I fear that the concept doesn't really encourage it.

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7 years 12 weeks 9 hours 42 min ago


different audience here

You may have a completely different audience here. Especially for the section "Opposition" it might be useful to post a completely different comment here than on the main-site. Sometimes the post on the original article is just a wasted effort.

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7 years 12 weeks 4 hours 45 min ago


Your comments are useful to FSDaily readers too

I think you are missing the point that your comments add value for the readers here at FSDaily. It can be very useful to know what other people think before you go and read the full article. But your comments may be lost if posted on the original article.

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7 years 12 weeks 11 hours 19 min ago


I think one might want to

I think one might want to leave a comment when the article on the original site does not allow for comments.

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7 years 12 weeks 9 hours 52 min ago



maybe you need to link the votes to identi.ca/twitter
for example if i vote a a news item to apear on my profile
Mariuz voted this and commented that

Also another crazy idea if i comment with my openid on the link-ed article and i have an account with openid on fsfdaily , the comment should appear on fsfdaily